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This section contains recent issues of the journal Language & Ecology. Articles can be referenced as follows:


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If you would like to publish an article here then please read the author guidelines before submitting it as an email attachment to the editor, Amy Free ( Articles must be clearly relevant to language and ecology (in its literal sense of the life-sustaining interactions of humans, other species and the physical environment). Articles are published in any language, and in any suitable format (formal academic article, digital story, poem, etc.). Before 2017 articles went through an editorial approval process. From 2017 they will also go through a peer review process.  


ISSN 1745-3631

Language & Ecology 2017





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Swift Acquisition/Seam/Keeper’s Fee Download

   by Meryl McQueen


Book reviews


Ecocriticism on the Edge: The Anthropocene as a Threshold Concept. Timothy Clark (2015, Bloomsbury Publishing)

   reviewed by Douglas Mark Ponton Download




Language & Ecology 2016


A review of the “Tourism-Environmental Conflict Signifier” logic as constructed by the Kenyan press in coverage of environmental conflicts

   by Lucy Atieno and Joseph Njoroge Download


Ecolinguistics in an International Context: an Interview with Arran Stibbe

   by Guowen Huang Download


The presentation of animals in English as an additional language coursebooks

   by George M. Jacobs, Teh Jiexin and Michael J. Joyce Download


Paradise in progress? Narratives of place in Monteverde, Costa Rica

   by Allison Bender  Download 


Representations of climate change in documentary television: integrating an ecolinguistic and ecosemiotic perspective into a multimodal critical discourse analysis

   by Andrea Sabine Sedlaczek Download


Ecolyrics in pop music: a review of two nature songs

   by Amir Ghorbanpour Download


An ecolinguistic study of media depictions of oil spillage in Ogoniland.

   by Matthew Abua Ebim Download


Siracusa: Italy’s smartest city? Re-branding issues from a critical ecolinguistic perspective.

   by Douglas Mark Ponton Download


Ecolinguistic Perspectives on Our Surroundings

   by Katarina Ghdaye et al Download


”The Colorado Beetle’s Attack” Or: the potato bug in the Cold War propaganda service in Poland.

   by Magdalena Steciąg and Sylwia Wodzińska Download




Sumbul (Bombax ceiba)

    by Ayesha Fatima Download


Ecopoetry: Ode to the Firefly

   by Keith Moser  Download


Dreams of the Tropics: a collection of ecopoems

   by Karim S. Lachheb Download


Poetry Collection.

   by Mary McGinnis Download


Book reviews


Review of Ecolinguistics: language, ecology and the stories we live by.

 by George Jacobs Download


An eco-discourse analyst and his stories: an ecolinguist’s duet reviewed.

   by Zhou Wenjuan Download


Review of What a Fish Knows: The Inner Lives of Our Underwater Cousins by Jonathan Balcombe

   by George M Jacobs Download




Language & Ecology 2015



Ecometaphor: the effect of ecology and environment on shaping anger metaphors in different cultures

  by Mahnaz Talebi-Dastenaei Download


Nonhuman Animal Legislation and Speciesist Discourse. Argentina's Pet Responsibility Act: Anti-cruelty Law or Death Row Pardon?

  by Diego L. Forte Download


Hermeneutic phenomenology as a basis for ecological Critical Discourse Analysis.

  by Craig Frayne Download


Ecolinguistics in Nigerian environmental communication: linking print media reports with daily press review broadcasts.

   by Akintoye Samson Japhet. Download


Language and environmental consciousness of society: The situation in Russia

   by Olga Khryapchenkova Fischer. Download


An ecolinguistic, scientific, and Serresian interpretation of communication: the importance of (re)-conceptualizing language from a more ecocentric perspective.

   by Keith Moser, Mississippi State University. Download


The Natural Choice? Metaphors for nature in a UK Government white paper.

   by Douglas Ponton, University of Catania. Download


Artwork: Ecological Art by K.S. Lachheb  Download 




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